What is tyre load rating?

The tyre load ratings of a tyre determines what weight each tyre is able to carry.

It is vital that you check with your vehicle handbook as to what capacity should be put on your car. In some cases your insurance can become void if you select the incorrect tyre load ratings for your car.

The load rating is generally found after the diameter reading and before the speed rating on the sidewall marking:

What is load index on tyres

The tyre load index is just another term for the load capacity.

Does load index rating matter?

Yes, load index rating matters when selecting tyres for your vehicle. Choosing a tyre with a load index rating that is too low for your vehicle can result in several issues, such as tyre damage, poor handling, and decreased fuel efficiency. On the other hand, selecting a tyre with load index ratings that are too high for your vehicle may not provide any benefits - and can lead to a stiffer ride and increased wear.

Tyre Load Ratings Table

Calculating the precise weight a tyre can handle before failing is complex due to various influencing factors. It is not recommended to attempt this calculation on your own.

Instead, it's best to follow the tyre specifications and recommended inflation pressures outlined in your vehicle handbook.

Keep in mind that while a tyre load rating can be translated into a weight-bearing capacity, the actual maximum dynamic load it can handle depends on multiple factors such as its location on the vehicle, manoeuvring forces, inflation, and weather conditions.

Tyre Load Ratings Table

The following table shows the weight that each index specification is able to carry: